Artist Bio

Dianna Cooper-Ribner is a textile artist whose work spans from wearable to decorative pieces melding a wide variety of materials and techniques. Dianna is motivated to create and reflect the beauty and richness in life. For her, to create is to be inspired and self-renewed.  It is a regenerative process.

Dianna started her artistic ventures making wearable art garments. During this time, she learned and used many surface design techniques, some of which included stenciling, beading, and painting.  Dianna often combined a variety of cloths to add texture, interest, and story to a garment. For example, she coupled ethnic cloth with natural fabrics such as silk, linen, and woven wool.  She won two first place prizes at the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Festival, in two different years. This learning translates occasionally into her current work. During this time she also learned the technique of Nuno felting, which was her first introduction to the world of wool.

Dianna began felting wool in 2000. Nuno felting is a process which produces a pebbly texture by layering very fine sheets of wool roving over a base fabric, usually of silk or cotton. This produces an extremely soft, textured fabric. Dianna incorporated felted wool into her garments with great success.  Seeking out workshops to expand her felting skills, she learned of the different characteristics associated with varieties of wool. She became interested in applying her new knowledge in three-dimensional arts as well as wall hangings and carpets. 

For the last two years, Dianna has been creating representational works of natural objects such as flowers, seed pods, or vegetables. She infuses her sculptures with light, which adds an extra dimension of shadow, and explores how these enhance the overall effect of the object.  Recently, she has begun incorporating thread-painted panels. The addition of these may add texture or produce interesting shadows, depending upon the direction of the light. Her wall hangings and carpets include geometric and stylized designs often influenced by works of architecture she has seen during her travels.

Dianna continues to explore different techniques, materials and forms using the felting process.  Having read Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit (many times) she is motivated by the discipline, preparation and effort, and practices that Ms. Tharp both follows and recommends in order to sustain creativity.

Dianna is a member of Front Range Fiber Artists, Fiber Arts/Mixed Media Art, and Textile Arts. She also follows Nuno/Wet Felters. These communities provide opportunities to get informed feedback, to see other’s work, and to think creatively about her own. Dianna currently lives and works in Lakewood, Colorado (USA).