Illumination Series

My “Illumination” series is a body of work exploring stylized representations of objects and abstract forms made of primarily of fiber with additional surface design and mixed media.   I was sitting in the garden in the early morning light, enchanted by the glow of the back lit plants. The idea to illuminate forms was born. 

Building the bases, including the electrical component and cutting and staining the wood, is typically considered “masculine” work.  Using fibers is typically considered “feminine” work. This contrast and the physicality of the work itself totally engages my mind and body in the creative process.

The bulb itself is an integral part of the composition, supporting both structure and color.  When lit, the sculptures cast light and shadows of distorted images.  Natural lighting also adds interest when incorporated into the paper objects.



Sculptural Series

My sculptural series began with my desire to take two-dimensional felting and expand it by adding the concept of space. Each piece became hollow, having a cavity inside. Both natural and man-made forms invited expression in three-dimensional felting.

I explored different wool and paper fibers in order to find those with the structural strength to form a free-standing hollow object. Molding the wet fibers in a way that is similar to working with clay, I shaped and re-shaped until the desired outcome was achieved. Colors, textures, and details such as beading completed each piece and captured the essence of the form that inspired it.

 New York

New York

Arras SerieS

My "Arras" series is an eclectic group of suspended pieces. These capture designs or images from my travels, ranging from elements of architecture, textiles, or landscapes. In these two-dimensional pieces I used a variety of felting techniques to achieve the desired style or effect; each is unique.